Northwest Clogging Association

Benefits of Membership

1.  Reduced rate for our annual workshop

2.  Free entry into our Oldie's Workshop

3.  Reduced rate for Sea Lion Stomp

4.  Reduced rate for Clog Down

5.  Free quarterly newsletter

6.  Knowing that your membership helps to support clogging in the Northwest.   

Our 2017 Board

President:               Mike McDow
Vice President:     Mary Dart
Secretary:               Amy Starke
Treasurer/Membership: Donna LaVergne
Publicity:                Diane Jacobsen 
Historian:               Mary Dart

Our 2018 Board
Past President:    Mike McDow
President:              Mary Dart
Vice President:     Alberta Stamp
Secretary:               Barb Guenette
Treasurer/Membership: Donna LaVergne
Publicity:                Kathy Chase